Kurasawa no Hinoki (Japanese Cypress at Kurasawa)

Category of the cultural propertyTokyo Metropolitan Government designated Natural Monument
Location (i.e., city, town, village, or ward name)Okutama
Date of designation1987/02/24
Number of the individual cultural property1
OwnerOkutama Town
Explanatory textAround 100 meters ahead of Kurasawa bridge, there is a trail on the right side of Nippara street. After climbing the trail, Kurasawa no Hinoki (Japanese cypress in Kurasawa) can be seen standing on the ridge leading to the south. On the south, young Japanese cypress trees grow, and deciduous forests consisting of maple and oak trees grow on the north and on the both sides of the ridge.
The tree in Kurasawa is 3.4 meters in height and 6.3 meters in curcumference at height of 1.2 meters above ground. The main trunk is thick but not straight. Nine giant branches separate from the trunk at height of about 5 meters above ground. These branches are growing up straight like a fork and form a big crown. The tree is called "Sennen no Daihinoki (huge Japanese cypress at the age of 1,000) in this area and is the biggest Japanese cypress tree in Tokyo. It was designated for a natural monument by Okutama Town on November 3rd, 1983 and later designated by Tokyo Metropolotan Government.
It is said that Japanese cypress came to called "Hinoki (a tree of fire)" because the wood was used for a tool of making fire.
Location567,Nippara,Okutama Town, Nishiokutama Distinct
AccessA 25-minute walk from Higashi-Nippara bus stop on bus
Public information[Open]All year
[Hours]All day
[Admission Fee]Free
Notes of cautionThe commentary cards are put at Shinrin-kan (Forest museum), and guides are there.
Beware of wild animals around here.
Please Take Your Litter Home.
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Natural Monuments of Tokyo; Japanese Cypress at Kurasawa