Accessibility Policy

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Web accessibility refers to the ability of all users of this site, regardless of mental and physical condition or user environment, to access and use without impediment the information and features provided on this site.

This site’s web accessibility policy was created based on the Japan Industrial Standards JIS X 8341-3:2010, “A design guideline for the consideration of elderly persons, disables person, etc. – Equipment, software, and services involved in information and telecommunications – Part 3: Web contents.” (Hereinafter abbreviated to “JIS X 8341-3:2010”.) This policy aims at the creation of a website by which any user can gain access to and acquire information without burden.

1 Policy

    This site aims to achieve a JIS X 8341-3:2010 grade of “AA”.

2 Scope

    This policy applies to the PC version of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Board of Education Tokyo Cultural Properties Database website.

3 Exceptions

    As below are difficult to handle to modify as it is out of purpose.
  1. ・Content without editable data (and which therefore cannot be edited)
  2. ・Some images created in the past
  3. ・Services provided by external parties and the associated content
  4. ・PDF, WORD, and EXCEL documents
  5. ・Interactive content

4 Grade and time frame

    This site aims to conform to the “AA” grade standard by March 31, 2015.
    Should there be accessibility-related items that cannot be achieved before this time limit, separate time limits will be published for those items.

5 Inspection results

    Details of the method, timing, and results of the inspection, as well as the grade achieved thereby, will be published after the inspection concludes.